Kathy Nester

Favorite Candy

Anything Caramel

Favorite Music

Classic rock, some country, Disney sound tracks

Favorite Vacation


Europe Tours

Any Historic Site

Favorite Place

The Beach

The Mountians

and at the end of a work day… any place quiet 🙂


Toby: St. Bernard

Phoebe: Great Dane

2 dozen foster dogs over 7 years


March 29

Favorite Books to Read

Historical Romance

History in General

Favorite Subject in School



Reading & Shopping

Favorite Color


Jewel Tones

Favorite Movie/TV

Blades of Glory, Highlander, Disney movies, Notting Hill, Star Wars, Chopped, Top Chef, Chef Masters, Outlander, Game of Thrones, Big Bang Theory

Favorite Food

Onion Rings, Hawaiian Pizza, fruit-berries

Favorite Cookie

Snicker doodles, white chocolate macadamia nut

Favorite Store

Kohls, Target, Dress Barn, CJ Banks, Barnes and Noble

Favorite Restaurant

Sonic, Red Robin, Hacienda Colorado, Iwayama Sushi, California Pizza Kitchen, Cheesecake Factory

Favorite Things

Collect beach Santas & snowmen