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Parents' Corner

These forms must be submitted within 30 days of your child's start date (school year and/or summer camp), and annually thereafter:

Health Appraisal and Certificate of Immunization may be in other formats, as issued by the chid's doctor. They must be signed and dated within the last 12 months.


ELV Parent App

Once a child's enrollment is complete, parents have access to our Early Learning Ventures Parent app. This app can be used to check children in and out daily by scanning a QR code on the computer kiosk at the door. It can also be used to make payments, update contacts, and report absences. Please scan the QR code to the right to download on your phone.

Screenshot 2022-11-30 at 2.34.33 PM.png
Screenshot 2022-11-30 at 2.40.42 PM.png

For families with people other than the primary two parents who drop off and pick up regularly, the Authorized Pickup app may be downloaded and used for check in and check out. Scan the QR code to the left to download that on an authorized person's phone. (Parents can find this person's security code in the parent app, or email to have it sent).

ELV Authorized Pickup App

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