Enrollment for the 2022-2023 School Year and 2022 Summer Camp will open to current families on December 1, 2021. Families currently on the waitlist will have the opportunity to enroll beginning on December 8, 2021. 


Parents will receive a link via email to complete a form indicating whether they want to enroll in the school year only, summer camp only, or both summer and school year sessions; and which days each week their child will attend. Registration fees can be submitted through PayPal upon completion of the form, or by cash or check within two weeks of enrollment. Current families only may pay through their ELV Core account.

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Frequently asked questions

When can I register my younger child who is not yet a student?

Currently enrolled families may register their current student, plus any younger siblings when their enrollment period begins. Remember to register at this time even if your current Pre-K, Jr. Kindergarten, or Kindergarten student is moving on to elementary school.

My child is on the waitlist. When will they be enrolled?

If a seat opens in an age-appropriate classroom, we will begin offering the available days to the first family on the waitlist. If they pass, we will continue down the list. If you are not offered a seat during the current school year, you are offered the opportunity to enroll for the following summer and/or school year one week after current families, and approximately two weeks before enrollment is offered to the general public. We do suggest you act quickly, as many classrooms fill and some days in your schedule may be unavailable.

If I want my child to attend all year, how do I register?

Abiding Hope Preschool opperates in two sessions: the school year which runs mid-August through May; and summer camp which runs from June through early August. If you require care for the full calendar year, you do need to register for both the school year and the summer camp. On our enrollment form, you will indicate that you would like your child to attend summer camp as well, and two registration fees will need to be paid.

Are there vacation weeks and in-service days?

Abiding Hope Preschool follows the Jefferson County Public Schools Calendar closely with several exceptions. We close for Thanksgiving, Christmas and Spring Breaks, plus the major holidays. We do not have in-service days or early dismissal days. If we conduct parent/teacher conferences during the days, we will still offer care at an additional fee. We also close the week after school ends as well as the week before the school year begins, in order to prepare and conduct staff trainings.

What if Jeffco has a late start?

If Jefferson County Schools announces a delayed start due to inclement weather, we will open at 9:00 AM. We will not be open for morning care.

Are there snow days?

If Jefferson County Schools calls a snow day, we will also be closed for the day. You will receive a school-wide email as well as one from your child's teacher. Abiding Hope will also be listed on the Closures page of the 9 News website. Our school will not scroll at the bottom of the screen on 9 News, however.

What if inclement weather develops during the day?

In the event that inclement weather develops during the school day, we may cancel afternoon care in order for our families and staff to return home safely. You will receive emails during the day or a phone call if this occurs.

Do you take infants?

Unfortunately, we are not licensed for infants. We are licensed for children 12 months and older who are walking independently, beginning to self-feed and no longer requiring a bottle to be prepared.