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Favorite Things

Debbie Betts

Colorful Pens

Favorite Color

Blue & Yellow

Wooden Boxes


Knitting, reading, Peloton, true crime podcasts, growing succulents

Going for a Walk


1 dog - Sammy

Summer Vacation

Favorite Vacation

Big cities

Colorful Birthday Party


June 3

Countryside Road

Favorite Place

Boston & Downtown Denver

Girl with Shopping Bags

Favorite Store

Target, yarn shops, Amazon

Homemade Chocolate Chips

Favorite Cookie

Chocolate chip

Candy from the Jar

Favorite Candy

Snickers, M&Ms, dark chocolate

Fancy Restaurant

Favorite Restaurant

Los Dos Portrillos, Melting Pot

Food Photography

Favorite Food

Mexican, sushi

Music Festival

Favorite Music

Rock, Musicals

Library Bookshelves

Favorite Books


Film Clapboard

Favorite Movie or TV

Ted Lasso, true crime shows

Preschool Science Class

Favorite Subject in School

Math & Science

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