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Favorite Things

Sally Lord

Colorful Pens

Favorite Color


Wooden Boxes


Growing perennials & turning them into bouquets to give, DIY projects, crafts, exploring nature, playing tennis

Going for a Walk


Two dearly beloved dogs

Summer Vacation

Favorite Vacation

Too many favorites to name

Colorful Birthday Party


October 5

Countryside Road

Favorite Place

Camano Island, WA and my mother's house

Girl with Shopping Bags

Favorite Store

Trader Joe's, Target, Jared's Nursery

Homemade Chocolate Chips

Favorite Cookie

Monster, Soft Ginger Molasses, Little Schoolboy shortbread and dark chocolate wafers

Candy from the Jar

Favorite Candy

Dark chocolate, chocolate covered almonds

Fancy Restaurant

Favorite Restaurant

Australian Outback, Bonefish, Hi-Lo American Eatery

Food Photography

Favorite Food

Seafood, mangos, watermelon, dark chocolate, Key Lime pie

Music Festival

Favorite Music

Love music of any kind except country

Library Bookshelves

Favorite Books

Memoirs, non-fiction historical, historical fiction

Film Clapboard

Favorite Movie or TV

Dramas, movies based on true stories, 60 Minutes, PBS

Preschool Science Class

Favorite Subject in School

Reading, Literature, Creative Writing, Biology

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