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Favorite Things

Sally Lord

Favorite Color:


Two dearly-loved dogs

October 5

Growing perennials & turning them into bouquets to give, DIY projects, crafts, exploring nature, playing tennis

Favorite Vacation:
Favorite Place:

Too many favorites to name

Camano Island, WA and my mother's house

Favorite Store:

Trader Joe's, Target, Jared's Nursery

Favorite Candy:

Dark chocolate, chocolate-covered almonds

Favorite Food:

Seafood, mangoes, watermelon, dark chocolate, Key Lime pie

Favorite Cookie:

Monster, Soft Ginger Molasses, Little Schoolboy shortbread and dark chocolate wafers

Favorite Restaurant:

Australian Outback, Bonefish, Hi-Lo American Eatery

Favorite Music:
Favorite Books:

Love music of any kind except country

Memoirs, non-fiction historical, historical fiction

Favorite Movie or TV:

Dramas, movies based on true stories, 60 Minutes, PBS

Favorite Subject in School:

Reading, literature, creative writing, biology

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