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Bio and Favorite Things

Brooklyn Montoya

This is my first year as a teacher assistant! Before teaching at AHP I worked as a nursing assistant at Sky Ridge Hospital on their oncology unit. It was a tough job for my heart, and unfortunately I had to step away. Fortunately, my position here has been nothing but joyful, and I leave so fulfilled each afternoon! One of my favorite things about the job has been the genuine joy shown by all of the students. They are so fun and passionate, and I’ve learned so much from them in the short time I’ve been here. My greatest passion in life is to help others, and I feel I get to peruse that everyday while working here. All the love, hugs, and smiles are like nothing else!

Colorful Pens

Favorite Color


Wooden Boxes


Running marathons, being with family and friends, hiking, shopping, painting, and all things coffee!

Going for a Walk


Dog, specifically bulldogs

Summer Vacation

Favorite Vacation

Maui, Hawaii

Colorful Birthday Party


October 17

Countryside Road

Favorite Place

My family owns an MMA gym where my dad trains professional fighters... our gym is my favorite place!

Girl with Shopping Bags

Favorite Store

Target, Trader Joe's, Corvus Coffee, and Home Goods

Homemade Chocolate Chips

Favorite Cookie

Chocolate Chip

Candy from the Jar

Favorite Candy

All things chocolate!

Fancy Restaurant

Favorite Restaurant

Sushi Den, Chick-Fil-A, Angelo's, Cava

Food Photography

Favorite Food

Sushi & Brownies

Music Festival

Favorite Music

Country and Christian

Library Bookshelves

Favorite Books

Anything by Colleen Hoover

Film Clapboard

Favorite Movie or TV

Serendipity, Grey's Anatomy

Preschool Science Class

Favorite Subject in School

Art... love to paint and be creative!

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