Abiding Hope Preschool & Kindergarten always invites and welcomes parents and family members to help with events throughout the school year. The opportunities for the 2012-2013 school year include but are not limited to the following opportunities. If you would like to help out please contact the teacher in charge of the event you are interested in or contact your child’s teacher.

  • Parent Helpers

    We encourage every parent to observe and assist in the classroom when possible. We do not schedule any parent helpers for the first month of school, to allow children to acclimate to their new class.

  • Room Parent

    The room parent/coordinator will assist in planning classroom parties and special events; however, the success of these special occasions is contingent on the participation of all parents.

  • Benefits

    Benefits will be held periodically throughout the school year. Benefits are designed to help us continually upgrade the quality of early childhood education that we offer.

  • Field Trips

    Abiding Hope requires the assistance of parents in order to take field trips. Self-contained establishments are used to minimize uncontrolled variables. If attending, parents are responsible for their child during the trip. Off site field trips for Jr. Kindergarten/ Kindergarten students require participation by one parent for every two students.

    • Written permission slips are required by all students in order to participate in the field trip.
    • Abiding Hope does not have a school van or bus; all field trips are taken in a teacher or parent’s personal vehicle. All children must be properly buckled up, according to Colorado Seat Belt and Booster Seat Law.
    • All staff carry a cell phone on field trips; in the event of an emergency proper authorities will be notified.
    • If a child arrives late and their class is on a field trip the parent will need to transport the child to the location of his/her class or they will be placed in a Pre-K classroom until their class returns. If all Pre-K classes are at full capacity then the child will remain with the director until their class returns from the field trip. Please note: a child not participating in the field trip by choice will also be placed in another class for the day as long as there is availability; if no availability the child will be placed with the director if the parent chooses to leave the child at school. 

      *Children enrolled in the 2 1/2 year old class, 3 year old classes, and Pre-k classes do not participate in off-site field trips.

  • Birthday Treats

    Please let your child’s teacher know if you would like to bring a special non-edible treat for your child’s birthday.

    You can schedule an “un-birthday” with your child’s teacher, if your child’s birthday is in the summer.

    If your child is having a party outside of school, we request that you mail your invitations, so that children that have not been invited do not feel left out.

    Please note: Due to allergy and health concerns, AHP and K does not allow parents to bring edible treats to class. Please do not bring birthday cupcakes, candy or other birthday snacks. Teachers have been asked not to allow edible treats and we do not want your child to be disappointed if they are not allowed to share the treat they have brought. Your child’s teacher will celebrate your child’s birthday in other ways.

    *The only exceptions to this are class parties or school celebrations where parents are available and can monitor the needs of their child. Thank you in advance for respecting this rule.