• Late Pick Up Policy

    If you get delayed or are going to be late picking up your child, please let us know as soon as possible.
    In the case a child is unintentionally left behind or forgotten within normal business hours the procedure is:

    • Ten minutes after school ends, each child remaining will automatically be signed into extended care at a charge of $7.00 per hour.
    • Extended care ends promptly at 6:00 pm.
    • If a child is left after 6:00 pm, AHP will:
    1. Call parent numbers listed; home, work, cell.
    2. Call emergency numbers listed for an authorized person to come and pick-up your child.
    3. After 60 minutes, if we are unable to contact the parents or other authorized person to pick-up the child, we will contact the proper authorities.

    *It is vital that one of the parties listed above is available at all times. Please make sure that AHP has current student contact information throughout the year. Immediately notify the preschool in writing with any changes made to the emergency cards.

    *Parents will be allowed no more than two unscheduled late pick-ups (traffic, car problems, etc.). After two times parents will be charged $5.00 for the first ten minutes and $10.00 per minute thereafter until the child is picked up; this fee is to be paid directly to the staff member present at the time of pick up.

  • Cell Phone Policy

    Abiding Hope Preschool is a cell phone free zone. We ask that you please finish your calls before you enter the building. This is so your child has a warm welcome when they see you and so their teacher can share any information they may have about your child’s day.

  • Visitors to the School

    We keep a record of all visitors to our school. Visitors, including parent helpers, need to sign in the visitor
    log as you enter through the main office. Identification will be requested from anyone who is not known to the preschool staff.

  • Room Drop Off

    Please do not leave your child until you are sure the teacher is in the room and acknowledges your child’s arrival. Drop off can be a difficult time for parents and children. However, to make the transition less stressful we encourage three kisses, three hugs, and good-bye!

  • Personal Belongings/Cubbies

    Each child is assigned a cubby where he/she can store smaller belongings. Important projects, newsletters and notes will be placed in the cubbies. Please check your child’s cubby daily. If you are picking up other child/children in a car pool, please check their cubbies and take contents with you so all parents will receive school information on a timely basis. Please do not send personal treasures or items of value with your child to school.

  • Television and Video Policies

    State Law requires we inform parents that AHP may occasionally use age appropriate programming with the use of television and/or videos. Please be aware that these programs may occasionally be used as a recreational tool during special events, parties, etc., as well as an educational resource. There will be times during the year when we may be videotaping and/or photographing our classrooms and students. These will be used for staff training, media publications, memory books/videos, and to inform parents about our program. Please fill out and return the combined Permission to Watch Educational/Recreational Television/Video Programs and Permission to Video and Photograph form provided at the end of this handbook.

  • Inclement Weather and Outdoor Play

    Weather permitting; children will be given the opportunity to be outside on a daily basis. In the event of inclement weather the decision to go outside will be determined by the weather and by the temperature guideline created by Child Care Weather Watch developed by the Iowa State Health Department, Healthy Child Care Iowa.

    In the event we are unable to go outside, in the event of wet and excessively cold or hot weather days, the children will be taken to the gym for recreational activities and exercise. Please send your child with weather appropriate clothing including coat, jacket, sweater, gloves, and boots. Also, apply sunscreen when appropriate.

    We encourage parents to dress all children in practical clothing that allows freedom of movement, easy buttoning and fastening, and easily washed. Appropriate footwear is important for the playground and P.E. [Avoid] “open backed” shoes and [flip-flops] for these activities, as they can present a hazard for children wearing them.

  • School Closure due to Weather

    If Jefferson County closes all schools due to inclement weather, Abiding Hope Preschool will also be closed. Local radio and television stations will announce closures.  If the County schools are on a late start schedule, we will start at 9:30 am (dismissal will remain the same).  If there are limited school closures in the County, we will notify 9 News and Channel 4 News and you will receive a electronic message from the school and/or your child’s teacher.

    In the event of an emergency that would require the school to close during school hours, parents would be notified and staff would remain with children until a parent or authorized contact person could pick up the child.

  • Illness, Sickness, and Injury Policy

    In the event your child becomes ill at school, we will provide a supervised, safe place for your child to rest until the first available emergency contact person is reached and arrives to pick up your child. If a child becomes distraught it is the expectation of the school that the child’s parent or emergency contact person pick up the child ASAP.

    If you are contacted because your child needs your care, we ask that you arrive within 30 minutes of being notified. However, we acknowledge and will make accommodations for a longer period if necessary, but request the latest time is one hour maximum after being contacted.

    Please contact the school if your child will not be attending class due to illness. If your child sees a physician and a specific diagnosis is made (e.g. strep throat, croup, conjunctivitis, chicken pox, etc.) please notify the school so other families can be alerted. Neither your child’s name nor the families name will be disclosed to other families.

  • Medication Policy

    Medication may be given only after completing the Instruction and Permission to Medicate form. Complete with physician and parent signatures.  All medications given (prescription or over-the-counter) must be in the original container, marked with the child’s name, doctor, and dated. These medications will be kept in a secure location.  Medication can only be given with a prescription from the child’s physician, and will be administered by a staff member who is trained in medical administration and delegated by the nurse consultant according to Section 12-38-132, C.R.S., of th “Nurse Practice Act”.

    AHP has a nurse consultant who reviews medical needs monthly and advises staff.

    Emergency Cards, Immunization Cards and Health Form
    Each child is required to have a current immunization record, as well as a  
    current health statement on file.  These must be signed by your child’s
    physician’s office and are due by the first day of school.  We must have current contact information before your child can stay with us.

    There May Be Under-immunized Children at AHP
    Abiding Hope does enroll children whose parents choose to exempt them, or delay them, from immunization; due to medical, religious or personal reasons.  In the event of an outbreak, exempted persons will be subject to exclusion from school and quarantine.

  • Accident and Injury

    Parents will be notified of all accidents and injuries occurring at school. A minor or serious injury or accident will be documented according to Colorado State Rules and Regulations. Notification of the parent will take place as soon as possible after the accident/injury. Depending on the nature of the accident/injury, notification of all other agencies will take place in accordance with state guidelines.

    In the case of an emergency illness or accident/injury (ex.: serious allergic reaction, unexplained seizure, or traumatic injury), 911 will be contacted immediately.

    Parents or guardians are required to sign and permit the school to seek medical or surgical care should an emergency arise and the Parent, Guardian, or Emergency Contact cannot be reached. It is understood by the parent and school that a conscientious effort will be made to contact the parent(s)/guardian before any action is taken.

    Medical Insurance and Hospital Preferences must be kept on file and all information must be updated annually or as information changes.

  • Field Trips & Transportation

    Abiding Hope requires the assistance of parents in order to take field trips.  Self-contained establishments are used to minimize uncontrolled variables.  If attending, parents are responsible for their child during the trip.  Select Abiding Hope Staff members will be present at the field trip at all times for the overall supervision of field trip, students, additional attendees, and the main contact when off site.

    Off site field trips for Jr. Kindergarten/Kindergarten students require  participation by one parent for every two students.
    Written permission slips are required by all students in order to participate in the field trip, which must be completed and signed by a parent or guardian.

    Abiding Hope does not have a school van or bus; all field trips are taken in a teacher or parent’s personal vehicle.  Drivers are required to have a valid driver’s license and current auto insurance. Copies of these items will be left with the preschool office prior to field trip. All children must be properly buckled up, according to Colorado Seat Belt and Booster Seat Law.

    All staff carry a cell phone on field trips; in the event of an emergency proper authorities will be notified.  In addition to cell phones, a roster of children attending, emergency contact information, medical/emergency information on each student, and student medication if needed and appropriate paperwork for the administration of prescribed medication.

    If a child arrives late and their class is on a field trip the parent will need to transport the child to the location of his/her class or they will be placed in a Pre-K classroom until their class returns.  If all Pre-K classes are at full capacity then the child will remain with the director until their class returns from the field trip.  Please note:  a child not participating in the field trip by choice will also be placed in another class for the day as long as there is availability; if no availability the child will be placed with the director if the parent chooses to leave the child at school.

    *Children enrolled in the 2 1/2 year old class, 3 year old classes, and Pre-k classes do not participate in off-site field trips.
    In the event of an emergency and immediate transportation is needed. Staff vehicles will be available for transport and are fully licensed and insured following state guidelines.